“February brings the rain, Thaws the frozen lake again.” -Sara Coleridge

The first day of February calls for my very first blog post!! After just sifting through my elementary Facebook posts from 2008, it’s safe to say I already feel the embarrassment I’ll have when I view this post in the future.

I’ve come to know that keeping a great reputation on social media and the web is crucial to gaining job experiences and maintaining relationships with friends, family. peers, teachers, potential co-workers, and bosses. For this reason, creating a Brand Yourself  account is very beneficial. One of the first things you will learn when getting to know me is that I don’t accept failure, but as you can see here, I most definitely failed my initial score. Mainly, because I found out that I share my name with at least three other women, one of which is a sports broadcaster and has beat me to configuring Google’s search results. I learned she has two cats though, so I can’t be too upset.

Gagnon, E. (1 February 2017). Initial Score Screenshot [JPEG]. Retrieved from http://brandyourself.com

That fact the I could easily find out that this lady owns cats is perfect proof that people can find almost anything and everything on the web these days! This is another reason why ‘branding’ myself is very important. So when I am looking for an employer, or when clients are looking for me, the web results will represent me in a positive way. This website helped me edit my social media pages in a way that will look professional to my viewers.

February brings the start of spring, and while there was no rain to thaw the frozen lakes, there was sunshine for the first time in a week! As I woke up this morning I had to capture sunrise over the fog-covered lake in my back yard (featured picture). It is also my birth-month, and therefore my favorite month. I have hope that this month, and that this blog, will bring many good things!