“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.” – Edward Abbey

So, here’s a picture of me doing a handstand.

Gagnon, E. (2017). Handstand [JPG].
And here’s a picture of the beautiful Grand Canyon.

Laslovarga. (2010). Grand Canyon West Rim Guano Point4 [JPG]. Retrieved from http://commons.wikipedia.org


Now, here is a picture of me doing a handstand on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Gagnon, E. (2017) GCHandstand [JPG].
I’m sure you’ve all seen pictures of people traveling to beautiful places and posing for pictures while standing on their hands… standing on one leg… or standing on one leg with one foot behind their head, all while being five feet from the edge of a cliff! Well, thanks to Photoshop, I guess I am one of those people now!

I have always wanted to have a legitimate picture like that of my own but I am fairly a beginner at handstands, and haven’t traveled too much (despite my wishes). Even if I had, I’d be crazy to get that close to the edge without both feet on the ground. I think I’d actually be the one to lay on my stomach and inch my way closer to the edge to get the view, just so I know there is a very slim chance I’ll slip and fall!

I would love to believe that all of the beautiful poses and pictures I’ve seen are real, but look how easy it is to fake it. I know the edit may not be 100% perfect, but I’m also a beginner at using Photoshop, and this took me about 15 minutes (including lots of trial and error).

I began with the background layer of the Grand Canyon. I added a sharpening filter to emphasize the detail in the rocks. Next I created a new layer, and placed the embedded picture of me doing a handstand. I used the magic wand tool to select the background, then made another new layer of only my body. After that was completed, I put my body layer over the Grand Canyon layer, placed it where it fit best, and the rest was minute details! I used the magic eraser tool to trim away any tiny edges that the selection tool missed. I also copied and pasted a few more rocks around my hands to hide some of the imperfections.

Photoshop was so fun to mess around with, and if you ever need help, there are plenty of tutorials online to help you out!