“I didn’t know where I was going until I got there.” -Unknown

Hey guys! As the semester is coming to a close and stress is rising to the max, why not entirely contemplate your purpose and what you really want to do with your life? (Probably because that won’t get you very far for the time being, but your finals aren’t going anywhere, so you should proobably get back to studying. Just maybe.)

Aside from the mundane cluster of school work, I decided to enjoy and dream a little while designing a personal business card. I began to think about how I want to portray myself, and for one day, when I’ve landed a reliable job, what do I want my clients first impressions to be of me? I also took time to dream of what the reliable job looked like. With the stress of scheduling classes for next fall and winter, I have been heavily considering what educational route and what classes I want to take. School will always be school, but if I am studying essentially what I will be doing for the rest of my life, I would like to at least enjoy the topic.

Building this business card helped solidify that I am en route in doing what I love to do. Creating, collaborating, designing, working hard, and building relationships. These are all also symbols of business cards. We hand them out to people so that they don’t forget us, that they can follow-up or contact us, or so they can pass it along to someone else to help create new relationship — all with hopes to someday work together.

Now, creating the business card in itself was the fun part. I primarily used the Adobe program InDesign which is very similar to Adobe’s Photoshop. Also similar to Photoshop, or any Adobe program, it may take a little while for beginners to understand how to properly use the functions and to take advantage of all the program has to offer (which is quite a lot). No worries, though, a few YouTube tutorials will get you to where you want to be in no-time.

I also took the liberty of learning a new program. I have always been looking for an easy way to draw something and turn it into a piece of digital artwork so I can make it into a logo, or in this case, a business card. After looking through the app store on my personal computer for a while, I found the app called Aphalina Designer. This program was insanely easy to figure out and learn. I used it to draw out my logo (my initials) “emg” above “made with ♥”. Whenever I doodle, I always find myself writing my name in cursive over and over again. Also, I love to make crafts and gifts for people, so whenever I can, I incorporate “made with ♥”. Whether it be on the back of a card-stock jewelry box, at the end of a note included with a scarf, or essential oil heating pads, or anything else, I like to think of it as my little signature.

So here it is! This is a screenshot of the Aphalina Design program I used first.

Gagnon, E. (2017). Aphalina Desgin. [Screenshot]. 
Then I just took a screen shot of my work, and was able to drop it in the InDesign program as a photo and whalaa!

Here are a few photos of the front and back of the final product with both preview and normal screen modes.

As you can probably notice, I am not (yet) an “Advertising Specialist”, I don’t work for a company named “Purple Fountain Media”, and all of my contact information is false, besides the social media though, those are free for you to check out if you’d like!

I don’t have my dream job (nor do I know exactly what my dream job is yet), but for now I just have to keep working hard and getting through the stress school brings. After all, I probably won’t know where I am going until I get there.