“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” – Bill Nye

A couple Wednesday’s ago (4/5/2017, 9-10 pm) I took the opportunity to attend my very first PRSSA meeting. PRSSA is the Public Relations Student Society of America, and Grand Valley State University is one of five colleges in the country to have their very own chapter! This group proved to me that they are very well deserving of all (and there are a lot) of their accomplishments.

PRSSA is a group of public relations pre-professionals who provide leadership and service in the community. As quoted from the national organization’s website, they “Provide members with national, regional and local opportunities to network, share ideas and grow professionally.” I was easily convinced that joining this group will help me gain experience, and provide me with many APR opportunities.

This was a great meeting to attend because it consisted of a panel discussion of recent APR graduates and where they are now. They all have solidified jobs, varying in titles and corporations. Some as digital and social media managers, others as advertising managers and more. It was very beneficial to listen to their experiences and advice for working in professional situations. After hearing what they had to say about their jobs and what they do, and simply, just the type of people they are, I felt more confident that Advertising and Public Relations is the right major for me.

My adviser, Adrienne, introduced me to all of the executive board members and as well as many others. I can already tell I have so much to learn from Adrienne and these wonderful people. After talking with them about their positions on the exec board and what they do, I got a chance to grab a quick selfie with two of them! Pictured below (from left to right) is myself, Jaclyn, and Erin. Jaclyn is the CEO of Grand PR, and Erin manages the GVSU PRSSA twitter account.

Photo Apr 05, 10 13 04 PM
Gagnon, E. (5 April 2017). PRWednesday [JPG].
I look forward to joining PRSSA and live-tweeting events along with these hilarious and motivated people!