“Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude.” – Ralph Marston

After attending the PRSSA panel discussion and meeting, I was excited to hear that some of the panelists use Google AdWords and Google Analytics in their everyday jobs! I had already been amidst completing the Google Analytics Academy and earning my certification when I heard this, so it was great to hear that what I am working on right now, will actually be applicable to my work in the future.

I’ve discussed and briefly used Google AdWords in one of my previous blogs. It is a Search Engine Optimization tool that helps your brand stand out on the world wide web and to be noticed by customers. It promotes itself by only requiring payment when a user actually clicks on your digital ad. Google offers online lessons so you can actually become Google AdWords certified. This certification looks great on your resume, and might just put you one step ahead of a competitor without certification!

Similar to the Google AdWords certification, you can take online lessons to become Google Analytics certified. I am happy to share with you that I have earned my Google Analytics certification! Google Analytics is a measurement tool that helps you grow your business through intelligent data and collection. The way it is set up is that there are beginner lessons, advanced lessons, as well as Ecommerce analytics, and Google Tag Manager Fundamentals. These lessons are to prepare you for the final exam. The final exam consists of 70 questions, with 90 minutes to complete it, and you must get a score of at least 80% in order to be deemed ‘certified’. Did I mention that this education is also free? It’s amazing.

I chose to take the both the beginner and advances lessons. The beginner included 4 “chapters” with about 5 “mini lessons” and a short assessment concluding each chapter. The mini lessons were mostly 5 minute videos explaining how to use the program, and occasionally a guided tour so you can work the program yourself. These videos and tours were not difficult or strenuous, but you do have to pay attention to the details that are said. The advanced lessons were set up very similarly, but you should go find out for yourself!

Like I have mentioned, these certifications will help you in the real world. Knowledge is power, and APR jobs emphasize the importance of knowing how to use technology. By educating yourself with what Google has to offer, you can better promote your personal brand, as well as your company’s, and your career in communications. I am so excited to add “Google Analytics Certified” to my resume!

Below I have uploaded my certifications for completing the beginners and advanced lessons, as well as the certification for passing the final exam.